Martini Rosso
Martini Bianco
Martini Extra Dry

Bellini:- Peach puree topped with prosecco.
Negroni:- Gin, red vermouth and Campari, stirred, served over ice and garnished with an orange twist.
Aperol Spritz:- Prosecco, Aperol and a splash of soda water served over ice.
The Don Papa Mojito:- Don Papa dark rum served over crushed ice, muddled mint and maple syrup and
topped with chocolate flavoured tonic.
Palazzo Royal:- Martin Miller gin and prosecco served over ice with elderflower tonic and mint.
Gin Fizz:- Martin Miller gin served over ice with sweet and sour mix, egg whites, cardamom tonic and a
lemon twist.
Whisky Sour:- Bulleit Bourbon served over ice with egg whites, sweet and sour mix and angostura
Blood and Sand:- Served straight up with orange juice, sweet vermouth, cherry brandy and blended
scotch with house cured maraschino cherries.
Moscow Mule:- William Chase marmalade vodka with sweet and sour mix and ginger beer, served over
crushed ice with an orange twist.
Horse’s Neck:- Hennessy Brandy, lemon and ginger ale served over ice.
Espresso Martini:- Espresso, vodka, brown sugar and kahlua, shaken on ice and served straight up in a
martini glass.

Pineapple Splash:- Pineapple juice, grenadine topped with lemonade and served over ice.

Pink Star:- Cherry Blossom tonic, star anise and in house made star anise syrup.
Ruby Port
Tawny 10 yr old
Tawny 20 yr old

Remy Martin
Courvoisier XO
XO 1
Pellahout Armagnac
Smirnoff vodka
Belvedere Unfiltered
Belvedere Red Limited Edition
William Chase Marmalade Vodka
William Chase English potato vodka.

Captain Morgan Dark Rum
Captain Morgan Spice gold
Ron Barcelo
Plantation Rum (Jamaica)
Plantation Rum, 5 yr old (Barbados)
Don Papa Rum
Don Papa Rum 10 yr old


Camino tequila
Olmeca tequila gold
Gran Carrelajo; fine tequila

Dewars White label
Famous Grouse
J&B rare
Jack Daniel’s
Red Label
Red Rye Label
Black Label
Double Black Label
Green Label
Gold Label
Platinum Label
Blue Label
Johnny Walker Swing
Chivas Regal

Premium Whiskies:-
Tomatin Legacy – Has notes of lemon, panatela, pine forest and a hint of vanilla on the nose. This whisky
leaves a taste of pepper and sweet barley on the palate with waves of warming oak.
Tomatin 12 yr old – Aged in bourbon and sherry casks which give the whisky sweet noes of apples, citrus
and a tinge of spice. The Spanish oak casks give the whisky its notes of tobacco, fruit and honey which
marry perfectly with the rest of the flavours.
Tomatin 14 yr old – It is matured in bourbon barrels and specially selected port casks which give a wine
like sweetness to the whisky. The palate resonates of dark chocolate, strawberries and jam while on the
nose, the whisky is resonant of red berries an grapes with hints of vanilla, oak and white pepper.
Tomtin 18 yr old – It is matured in traditional oak casks. The taste is of sherry butts, honey and soft oak
flavours which develop into a hint of dark chocolate and citrus. This gives a sustained sweetness and a
slightly dry finish to the whisky. The aroma is delicious and sweet with undertones of apples, cinnamon
and vanilla.

Glenfiddich 12 yr old – A golden coloured whisky which is distinctively fresh and fruity with a hint of pear
on the nose. The taste has fruity notes which develop into butterscotch cream, malt and subtle oak
flavours. It has a long smooth and mellow finish.
Glenfiddich 15 yr old – A golden coloured whisky with a red hue. It has an intriguingly complex aroma on
the nose which is resonant of sweet leather, honey, vanilla fudge and rich dark fruits. The taste is silky
smooth which reveals layers of sherry oak, marzipan, cinnamon and ginger. A full bodied whisky with a
satisfyingly rich finish.
The Balvenie Doublewood 12 yr old – A whisky which gains its distinctive character from being matured
in two different wood types. The sherry and oak bourbon barrels give the whisky its sweet sherry
fragrance which is layered with honey and vanilla. The taste is smooth and mellow. It has a nutty
sweetness, cinnamon spiciness and a delicately proportioned layer of sherry with a long and warm
Laphroig 10 yr old – A whisky which is of full sparkling gold colour. It leaves the nose with a smoky,
‘medicinal’ fragrance with just a hint of sweetness. This surprising sweetness is found with hints of salt
in taste and layers of peatiness. It is a full bodied whisky with a lingering finish.
Glenmorangie 10 yr old – A classic creamy and fruity malt. Its fruitiness is felt on the nose along with rich
notes of apple, nectarine and spices. The palate is fresh, balanced and very creamy with notes of vanilla
and toffee. This gives the whisky its gentle finish.
Paul John – On the nose, this whisky has a good core of juicy barley. There are also notes of red berries
with a hint of green apple following it up. On the palate the chewy caramel and chocolate are quite
dominant. There is also a hint of orange peel which lingers on the finish along with rye notes which
come in full force.
Amrut Fusion – On the nose, this whisky is rich in barley and quite fruity. It has a strong citrus smell with
a hint of spice and creamy sweetness. There is also a hint of peat. On the palate this whisky is rich and
also has a gentle peat with notes of coffee and dark chocolate. The spice can also be felt in its finish.
Nikka Supreme whisky – On the nose complex spices and diced herbs can be felt along with a hint of
nuts and citrus. On the palate it leaves a touch of golden syrup and honey. There are also notes of
lemongrass and a hint of redcurrant. The finish is of fragrant oak ginger and oak.
Yamazakura – A blended whisky which has notes of orange blossom and subtle notes of earthy oak. The
palate is of fresh orchard fruit with hints of salted caramel. Its finish is rich in vanilla and also quite fresh
and fruity.

Nikka Black 8 yr old – It is a whisky which is interesting and complex. On the nose there are hints of
orange peels, nectarine and exotic spices. On the palate there is a taste of cocoa, caramel, malt and
honey. The whisky finishes off with a hint of juicy fruits and a touch of toffee and apples.
Nikka whisky from the barrel – On the nose, this whisky is medium bodied with notes of flowers and
fresh fruits with a hint of oak and spice. Its palate is full bodied and punchy with plenty of winter spice,
toffee and vanilla while still having a good mouthful of fruit. The finish is long, warming and fruity with a
little oaken spice.
Nikka Coffey grain – On the nose, this whisky has notes of bourbon, such as the vanilla and corn notes. It
is also quite herbal with hints of camomile. The palate is sweet with fruity flavours of melon and
grapefruit which is balanced with the flavour of crunchy biscuits and vanilla. The corn notes can be felt
in the finish of this whisky giving it a sweet and vibrant end.
Slyrs Whisky single malt – On the nose this whisky has hint of toffee and barley. On the palate, the
barley flavour is more dominant and a touch of crisp citrus can be felt. A taste of sweet rum – like fruit
also appears. The finish is long, herbal and refreshing.
Slyrs Whisky Pedro Ximenez – A full bodied whisky which has aromas of sherry which is gained from the
pores of the wooden barrels. Its aroma is also reminiscent of faint cigar smoke. In fact, the taste of cedar
and mahogany is quite prominent along with that of black tea.
Slyrs Whisky Oloroso – Since this whisky is matured in oloroso casks, it has flavours of nuttiness. It has
dark flavours which are manifested through the taste of figs and raisins. On the nose, this whisky has
notes of fresh fruits, cinnamon and cardamom with a long warm finish.

Bombay Sapphire – A lighter gin with a more floral taste. Notes of almond, lemon peel, liquorice and
juniper berries are present.
Hendricks – It’s wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from the world
over, with strong notes of cucumber and rose petal essence.
Silent Pool – A signature gin with 24 botanicals chosen for their uniqueness which work together to
create its floral and clarifying citrus notes. There are also notes of earthy and spicy cubeb with a smooth
finish achieved by honey.
Martin Miller – A full citrus taste with juniper notes emerging half way through. It has a clean and soft
finish underpinned by warming cassia notes which give the gin its enjoyable depth. There is a dryness to
the finish which give the gin its satisfying edge.

Caeli Blackberry – A bold harmony of intense flavours and hand selected botanicals. The freshness
flavour of blackberry along with the fragrance of violet stand out from the rest of the botanicals. By
harmonising these two ingredients the fragrant fruity flavour of this gin is achieved.
Williams extra dry – A juniper led gin with notes of spice, citrus fruit, nutmeg and a hint of apple. A well
conducted gin which is full bodied and dry on the palate.
William Chase Elegant Crisp – This is a balanced elegant gin with citrus notes and a present apple
undertone. The notes of liquorice, coriander, orange and elderflower give the gin its unique crisp

Amaro Lucano
Amaro Montenegro
Amaretto Disaronno
Chartreuse (yellow)
Crème de Menthe
Amaro Del Capo
Averna Cream
Fernet Branca
Branca Menta
Baileys chocolate
Tia Maria
Grand Marnier
Sambuca Black
Sambuca Coffee
Ricard pastice
Amara blood orange

Grappa Nonnino (served chilled)
Grappa Sassicaia (served Chilled)
Grappa Berta
(Please ask for further selection of grappas)
Cisk Lager
Cisk Excel
Blu Label
Hopleaf Pale Ale
La Cotta Craft beer (bionda)


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