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Welcome to Palazzo Preca Restaurant in Valletta

preca_sisters2The Preca sisters (Ramona and Roberta) both worked at their family restaurant Tal-Familja in Marsascala. They were both in their mid-twenties and at such a young age one would easily be tempted to think that it was there that they cut their gastronomic teeth. In truth, it transpires that they were already veterans by this time after having spent much of their childhood fiddling in their father’s kitchen at the mythical King’s Own Band Club in Valletta.

It was there that the girls learnt their ropes under the keen, imposing watchful eye of their father Charles, helping out in the chopping of parsley, capers, olives and any other ingredients which would adorn the club’s mouthwatering appetizers.

This band club was to play a significant role in Ramona’s career in this wonderful industry as even after her father moved out of King’s Own and into his own in Marsascala, chance had it that she would find herself back there for a couple of years by mere coincidence. And this is where the early touch of yeast started fermenting her desire which would eventually leaven into her having her very own eatery to run in her own way.

She harboured this dream for over four years, until one fine Sunday morning she decided it was time to take her yearning more seriously and embark on a search for her new haunt.

After considering a number of different venues, Ramona now returns to her first love, Valletta. A 16th century Palazzo in Strait Street caught her eye and got her creative juices bubbling with excitement and that is where she plies her trade today. Palazzo Preca is her dream.


Palazzo Preca Restaurant

Shall be closed for holidays

from the

17 th June till the
24 th of June 2019

For reservations please send us an email on



For reservations please send us an email on


Opening hours:
Lunch from 12:00pm till 3:00pm
Dinner 6:30pm till 10:30pm






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Silver Spoon Award 2016





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Oysters availability all year round

oysters availability all year round

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